If you’re a startup, outsourcing is probably not a priority. But it should! Your product can actually benefit from outsourcing software development from the start, specially if you pick the right country.

Expertise & practise

A company focused on software development reduces your setup effort – they employ highly-skilled developers & testers, and use a comprehensive toolset along with proven methodologies and processes. They also enable access to a broader technology stack and specific skills you normally wouldn’t have in-house. This is relevant if you need peak expertise and also if you need to develop your product further over time.

Flexibility & speed

An outsourced development company assigns only a share of their resources to your project, which means other are available and may get involved. Whether you need to scale up on a more permanent basis, meet a tight deadline or face moving requirements, engaging additional people is likely to be done on a short timeframe.

Risk & success sharing

Many outsourced development companies are currently willing to work on a success fee basis, which allows you to share some of the risk. Delivery-indexed incentives and bonuses may also be set. You assure commitment to your project’s success either way.

Lower investment & controlled costs

Early startup investment is high and human capital a good part of it. An outsourced development company can be a worthy alternative to direct local hiring, providing the same quality with less of your time spent on finding the right people. Cost savings are expected too, due to a more competitive price structure on their location.

Size actually maters…

If you think outsourcing is for large businesses, think again. Smaller outsourced development companies have a lighter structure and wider flexibility to adjust to your specific startup needs. They are also more results-driven and inclined to work based on performance incentives. Besides, when working with startups, where projects are most often thought-provoking and technically striking, they are able to attract the best talent.

…and where you do it too!

The country to base your development team is key. Here is why Portugal can be a first-rate option:

  • Expanded talent pool – highly skilled and driven native IT professionals, in addition to free movement of workers from EU member states, makes it easier to engage development and testing experts to your project – language-skilled and used to work in multi-cultural settings too!
  • Low travel, communication and time impact – time-zone and distance to other European countries is short; there are daily flights between Lisbon and major European hubs (including low cost) with flight time below 3 hours. Work schedule, daily meetings or short-notice travel are not an issue.
  • Social, political and regulatory framework – politically and socially stable and secure country with a highly rated business environment and privileged geography, climate and quality of life; as a member state, Portugal is bound by EU ethics and standards, namely on IPR & data protection.
  • Stable currency & competitive advantage – Eurozone member where currency fluctuation and exchange costs are prevented, making it is easier to conduct cross-border deals. Cost structure is quite competitive both in terms of cost of living and labour costs.

About Cleverti

Cleverti helps innovative companies to develop their software products by complementing internal crews when additional or specific tech expertise is needed. Cleverti’s technology services are fully tailored, cost-effective and scalable. Since 2010, Cleverti has been working alongside with companies from Belgium, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

Best of breed software engineers, comprehensive technology stack and flexible business models allow cleverti to deliver prompt, sharp and adaptive responses to software development needs.


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