While plenty of people in the business world are familiar with the term offshoringnearshoring is often not as popular. However it could offer a lot of advantages with its particularities. When a company decides to nearshore, it partakes in IT outsourcing and business processing to software companies in the nearby vicinity. A country “in the proximity” is much easier to deal with in terms of time zone, language, geographical and cultural differences that impede the timeliness and growth of a company. Nearshoring might not be as cheap in the short-term, but in most cases it’s still a much more cost efficient approach in the long run when compared with the outsourcing.

Portugal is an amazing opportunity in terms of IT nearshore for UK companies. It offers a vast and unique set of perks that make the entire process of IT outsourcing seem like the best decision one could possibly make.

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider nearshore your business to Portugal instead of outsource to further locations like Eastern Europe or Asia.

1.    Portugal has a Huge Talent Pool

Within this lovely country, there is an immense number of IT professionals with the skills and experience necessary to handle any sort of software technology. The entirety of the country is filled with English-Speakers and talented people who value technology and engineering – and computer science-oriented education, and they have profited greatly from their dedication to this technology. Whatever project needs to be handled, software teams created or extended, it can be achieved by the talented and intelligent companies and people from Portugal.

2.     Geographical Advantage and Cultural Similarities Make Portugal a Great Confidence site

The relationship between Portugal and the UK is historical and dates back to the Middle Ages. Additionally to that we also share the same time zone and are just separated by a 2 hour flight, working with offshore companies in places where the time zone is painfully different and the cultural values are in opposition with your own is more hassle than its worth. Your business can get higher quality work with less challenges, via nearshoring.

3.    The Portuguese Value of Stability and Responsibility

With such amazing IT professionals, it is no wonder that the industry is booming in Portugal. The stability that is offered through this particular field is pretty robust. By nearshoring your IT challenges to Portugal, you can rest assured that the people who work with you will remain consistent and dedicated throughout. Portugal offers one of the lowest turnover rates across Europe.

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