CoronaVirus is the new World Concern. On the early days of the Virus, just few months, everyone was seeing it as a “Chinese Problem”, but quickly things escaleted when it spread to Italy. Only at that time we started to realise that it was also a real threat for us in the Western World.

After the Italian contamination, it was just a matter of days to start fustigating across all Europe. The US and Canada are also starting to measure the first infections. The Virus is now a Global Pandemic, and everyone is potentially vulnerable.

What is happening?

What we are observing is new to everyone. No one was prepared for a pandemic disease of this magnitude that more seems to be science fiction than reality. Medical experts are recommending isolation to avoid the propagation of the Virus.

Schools are closed, sports leagues are suspended, stocks are plunging, and businesses are on hold. The problem is that no one really knows until when this condition will remain because it’s a new Virus, and because of that, we should try to adapt ourselves to this new reality.

Some Tips

To avoid a complete stoppage of services, some companies like Cleverti are adopting remote work. Thanks to our 10-year experience with remote work, we have adapted over-time to new working methodologies and our team is now prepared to work in 100% remote, safely from their homes.

Although work from home is a very interesting “perk”, it requires some discipline. Naturally, it’s easier to make some mistakes outside of the “office environment” and that is why it is so important to develop self-strategies to improve productivity, especially those who have not previous remote working experience, and are now “forced” to quickly adapt to this paradigm. Below you will find the Top-4 things that in my opinion, you should really do while working from home:

1) Have a Dedicated Working Station

Working from the couch, or bed may be a temptation. However, it’s a terrible idea. Work from a proper desk with 1 or 2 big screens. This will allow you to keep a good posture and ergonomics.

2) Turn off the TV and Disable Social Media Notifications

These are the two major distraction vectors that you should avoid at all costs. Distraction periods tend to last much longer when they occur home when compared with the same distration in the office, and this is the main reason why you should avoid them to occur.

3) Keep a regular & healthy communication with your colleagues

Remote work is not synonym of isolation. Even you’re a Freelancer working on a project alone, you must keep in communication with your boss, or the stakeholders. There are a lot of collaborate platforms like Microsoft Teams, Slack, or Skype that you may use, to ensure everything keeps flowing, and no frictions are generated. Don’t forget to check some of the best Communication Skills, that we have wrote in another Blog Post.

4) Have a Clear Working Time, and Set Daily Goals

Although this may sound silly, it’s one of the most important measures. If you don’t define a very clear working agenda, you will end up mixing your personal, with the working time. This will be bad for the work and productivity itself, but especially, terrible for you. Define early in the morning your “daily tasks”, exactly like if you were in the office, and then when the work is done, or when the clock marks your “departure time”, you should put all the work aside. Tomorrow will be a new working day, and your mind needs to be reinstated.

When will this end?

No one really knows yet what will be the real impact and timeframes for our full recover from this CoronaVirus. To minimize the implications, we should all follow the medical recommendations, and avoid when possible all physical interactions with other people. If you are one of the lucky persons who can keep working, it’s amazing!

Keep yourself focused and productive. Somewhere in future everything will get back to normal and hopefully we will take something positive from this.


Written by João Silva |  Business Development Manager at Cleverti

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